Diabetes is the leading reason for adult visual impairment, kidney failure, and lower-limbs amputation. According to surveys, the amount of adults detected with diabetes in the past twenty years has more than doubled. Moreover, it is also considered among the leading causes of death around the globe.

Many of us may think human beings are the only ones in danger of diabetes. Sadly, even our most loved dogs or cats are at risk of the mentioned disease. As dog owners, it’s your responsibility to examine your pets more often to avoid health problems as much as possible. Now, let us know why you need to test your dog for diabetes.

Five Reasons to Examine Your Dog for Diabetes

As your pets grow older, they are even more prone to diabetic issues. According to research, many canines develop it at age five or older when diagnosed. Nevertheless, it can also be seen in young dogs in many cases. In a survey carried out, it was estimated that 1 out of 300 dogs is a victim of diabetes.

While there are methods to prevent this for your dog, this does not excuse them from subjecting them to a diabetes test. We have provided important reasons below to test your canine for diabetes.

1. Gives you peace of mind

The earlier you check your canine for diabetes, the quicker results will be if medical problems are identified. This means you can treat whatever health problems as soon as possible and prevent them from getting worst. When managed correctly and consistently, your pets can live a happy life without any symptoms of diabetes.

The mentioned disease is not just restricted to pets like dogs or cats. Even animals like goats, pigs, and lambs are also at risk. Some pet facilities offer large animal veterinary services to treat such animals with various diseases. You may click this link to learn more about the mentioned service.

2. Lower expenses

Treatment for diabetes includes:

  • Prescription diets
  • Insulin syringes
  • Twice-a-day insulin treatment
  • Regular trips to vet for blood tests

Insulin is a must for diabetic canines, and they can’t go without it. Having diabetes tests for dogs before they reveal symptoms will save you a lot of money, as unattended diabetes would be very costly to cure provided the treatments stated above.

While your pet is looking trim and healthy, it’s a great opportunity to have them examined in pet facilities like Kay Animal Hospital in Douglasville, GA to know their conditions.

3. Saves your dog’s eyesight

Diabetic dogs eventually go blind from cataracts. This results from the excess sugar in their body, which impacts the lens in their eyes, causing more water to influx the lens and affect its clearness. This is how cataract develops, which causes loss of sight and swelling in both eyes. Cataract surgery may be possible for this scenario, but it could be expensive.

While your dog can still see clearly, it’s great to have them tested. Otherwise, if your pet is already revealing signs of diabetes, bringing them to a vet internist Douglasville would help treat them right away.

4. Extends your dog’s life expectancy

As diabetes is dangerous to people and even deadly, it affects dogs and various pets. Their body is immunosuppressed with diabetes, triggering diabetic complications which result in long-term harm for your furry friends. Diabetes, when treated and managed quicker, would enable your pet to live longer.

5. Less urinary accidents in the house

One noticeable sign of diabetes for canines is excessive drinking. With this said, your dog will urinate more than normal and cause urination accidents in your house. Because of hyperglycemia, Your dogs are at threat of urinary tract infections, wreaking havoc on your comforters and carpets. The sooner you can treat your pet to control or regulate diabetes, the less likely they will drink and urinate, making them comfy as well.