Are Cats Good Pets?

All animals, cats, and all dogs are my favorites. I grew up loving dogs but my first cat was adopted by me about three years later. I still love dogs and plan to get one someday. However, I’ve discovered that cats make better pets than I expected.

Self-proclaimed cat people and dog lovers may not always agree. As someone who’s had both my dogs and cats, I can see how cats can be just like great pets as dogs. It all depends on what your lifestyle is. Contrary to the belief of many dog people, cats are just as loyal and playful as dogs. Furthermore, cats are much easier to look after than dogs.

Cats are cleaner than other animals
Cats spend so much time grooming their own fur, that you may not need to bathe them. Cats are more fragrant than dogs. Your cat won’t wander outside and get in trouble with the skunk, unlike dogs. Because cats are so clean and tidy, they will feel softer and cleaner than dogs when you pet them.

Cats Are Quiet
Even the loudest and most persistent meows are more muffled than most barks. Even though your cat may try to annoy and get extra treats from you, her meows sound adorable. No one will complain about your cat meowing so loudly to their neighbors. It’s difficult to be annoyed when your cat makes such cute sounds.

Cats Are Low-Maintenance
Kitties can take care of themselves better than any other pet, including dogs. Cats don’t need to be taken outdoors multiple times per day to use the bathroom or go for walks. Cats also require less training than dogs. Cats are also able to clean themselves.

Even though cats still require attention and love, they aren’t as dependent on human interaction as dogs. A cat will curl up next to you while working while a dog may need your attention. You can leave your cat at home alone, which is much more likely to make a mess of your home.

Cats do not need to be taken outdoors
Cats don’t have the luxury of being taken outside in the middle of the night to do their business. While cleaning the litterbox can be tedious, it is far easier and more fun than taking your cat outside in bad weather or darkness to pick up their waste.

Cats are small enough so they can exercise indoors. Since cats don’t need to be outside, they won’t track in mud when you’ve just finished mopping.

Cats can be super easy to potty train
Most kittens learn how to use the litterbox as soon as they are brought home. Even cats born stray or feral know how to empty their litter after using the bathroom. To teach your new pet how to potty train her, you only have to point out where the litter box can be found and demonstrate how to scoop the litter with your hands.

Protect your home and family from pests by having cats
Most mice and rats will be kept away simply by the presence of cats. Your cat’s instincts to hunt will kick in if an intruder rodent makes its way into the house. It’s not ideal to have vermin roaming free in your home, even though it might be disgusting.

Cats are also good at hunting moths and houseflies. Ladybugs can be difficult to keep out of your home by your cat.

Cats Cost Less Than Dogs
The adoption fee for kittens and cats is usually less than the one for dogs. Cat food, cat toys, and other supplies are typically cheaper than equivalents for dogs. Cats can be smaller than most dogs so require fewer purchases. Cat care is typically less expensive than that of dogs.

Cats are happy to have toys that don’t cost any money. My cats’ favorite toys are cardboard boxes and milk jug rings. I also like the silicone bracelets you get for donating a few dollars.